70s Chic: The Girl Across the Room

What is it about 70s style that feels daring, beautiful and comforting all at the same time?  It must be all those faded yellow-tinted photos of seeing our parents looking great at parties, smoking cigarettes, dancing, laughing all in high waist bell-bottoms.   The glamour was permanently sealed in our memories with Penelope.  The girl across the room … back then nobody apologized for partying, period.

With this stagnant, rough economy it’s no surprise we turn to purchasing fashion pieces we intuitively understand.  Nothing’s more comforting than the familiar and many high fashion designers seem to agree.

Think: Flowing fabrics, soft and feminine silhouettes, plunging necklines, high waist bell-bottoms, chunky bracelets, floppy hats, ankle strap platforms, cinched waists all in warm honey neutrals as a base color with citrus and blue hues as your accent colors.   Let the good times roll….

{Paul & Joe}

{Valentino, Costume National}

{YSL and Fendi Spring ’11 ad campaigns}

*These Pantone colors (shown with Marc Jacobs‘ Spring ’11) were chosen by Fashion Snoops, a trend forecasting and consulting firm based out of New York.

{Orange Popsicle (#17-1350), Lemon Chrome (#13-0859), Honey Gold (#15-1142), Poinsettia (#17-1654), Deep Blue (#19-3847), Blue Curacao (#15-4825)}

Stay tuned for the last but not least trend forecasting looks to complete your shopping list.

Gianfranco Ferre Spring '11

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2 Responses to 70s Chic: The Girl Across the Room

  1. Jesse says:

    love the 70s-style you’re showing us lately. it’s so accessible and chic, i hope to embrace it this spring and summer:)

  2. Veronica – Love the halter tops! Everything you show has a ’70s spirit, but looks updated and fresh. I have a vintage ’70s green polka dot halter jumpsuit that I can only wear on Halloween!


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