Sahara Sunset

If I write a post about an event I usually do so soon after the experience or at least jot down a couple of notes and ideas.  Unfortunately, this is isn’t the case for this post.  All I have left is the warm hazy memory of the Sahara and the photos of that unforgettable trip.  I had dinner at a Moroccan restaurant a couple of days ago with a few friends and almost everyone had been to the Sahara in Morocco at some point in their travels.  We started to reminisce about the sand that is unlike any sand we’ve ever touched.  Because there is zero humidity it skims off  your skin and gives way to any form of weight or pressure.  It is simultaneously heavy and light and moody during sunset.  At first you find yourself in a sea of  Aperol that intensifies by the minute and then before you know it, it cools down to a soft pink that gives the scarce shrubs a silver hue.  Once the sun has dipped below the horizon, the grey sky turns the sand a gentle neutral amber color.  I hope these photographs do a better job describing this indescribable place:
[Black & White]
[Behind the Scenes]
(By the way, two feet behind us is a 20 foot drop)

I almost fell off this sand dune changing my shoes. Thankfully, I had my wonderful husband helping me. Although, looking at this picture makes me think otherwise....

Looking back, this probably wasn’t a good idea with that drop behind us.

Let's take a second to look at the space I covered compared to Hedeer's.. it's like he's a secret undercover volleyball player. Either that or I'm pathetic at jumping. Both scenarios are equally possible.

I love the guy's expression captured in this photo

Thank you for stopping by.  I recently attended fashion’s major trade show in Las Vegas, Magic, and next week I’ll give you my undercover scoop on color and trend forecasting to make your spring and summer shopping trip a little less painful.

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2 Responses to Sahara Sunset

  1. Veronica – Your description of the softness of the sand is so beautiful. I can imagine it is like a difference in snow, when snow is dry and powdery to when it is heavy and wet.

    You are a gorgeous model, the photograph of you sitting in the sand, staring off to the horizon, with the smart white jacket and beautiful boots should be in a magazine!


  2. Aly says:


    I love your blog. You are gorgeous and such an amazing designer! Keep up the good work & fantastic writing.


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