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Tombstone Cherry Red: A cat-eye watch on 50s & 60s Fashion

[Audio clip: view full post to listen] Ignore the desert powder you’ve kicked onto your vintage mary janes and focus on placing perfect dabs of rich cherry red on those lips of yours.  This post is all about marrying tomboy … Continue reading

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Champagne & Grey Days: Paris 2012 Fashion Trends

Paris before spring is a time of the year when the chilly overcast accentuates the city’s grey hues, softens its pastels, dulls its rich charcoal blacks, but brings a promising glimpse of glitter to the faded gold facades.   [Audio clip: … Continue reading

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Tropical Punch: George Barbier & Dr. Seuss skip town!

Out of all the trends mentioned in diaNoche Living, Tropical Punch is the one you’ll probably see less of, however, what it lacks in quantity it makes up in quality (or character[s]). Think:  Hawaiian/tropical flavor with really bold surfer colors … Continue reading

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Spring ’11 & ’12 Trend Forecasting: Simple Picnic vs. Tropical Punch

“Simple Picnic” and “Tropical Punch” were some of the last forecast looks Fashion Snoops singled out from the runways (the other was preppy “School Spirit” which is pretty self explanatory).  As much as I like these two, I’m slightly biased … Continue reading

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70s Chic: The Girl Across the Room

What is it about 70s style that feels daring, beautiful and comforting all at the same time?  It must be all those faded yellow-tinted photos of seeing our parents looking great at parties, smoking cigarettes, dancing, laughing all in high … Continue reading

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Spring 2011/2012 Trend Forecast: Romantic & Adventurous Bohemian

I’ve got all the goods on trend forecasting from my recent trip to Magic (an extremely important fashion trade show in Las Vegas) that will take the guess work out of your spring and summer shopping so you can focus … Continue reading

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Sahara Sunset

Sunny Afternoon Tune If I write a post about an event I usually do so soon after the experience or at least jot down a couple of notes and ideas.  Unfortunately, this is isn’t the case for this post.  All … Continue reading

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A postcard from the Garden of Yves

Fascination St. [Shoe by Yves Saint Laurent / Gaultier S/S 2011] I was reminded of Majorelle Blue a few months ago when I was watching a documentary of Yves Saint Laurent’s life.   Majorelle Blue was trademarked by the French … Continue reading

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diaNoche Launches Its Website & Online Store

I’m thrilled to announce diaNoche launches its site,, today!  The site contains apparel with accessories and home decor soon to follow. The apparel’s current small and exclusive collection of shirts was inspired by arabesque architecture, regal chess knights and … Continue reading

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Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

This was perhaps one of the most memorable Thanksgiving weekends I’ve ever had.  For starters, we had our 10 year high school reunion.  Originally I wasn’t planning on attending.  My reasoning was, I’ve already kept in touch with my friends … Continue reading

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