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Champagne & Grey Days: Paris 2012 Fashion Trends

Paris before spring is a time of the year when the chilly overcast accentuates the city’s grey hues, softens its pastels, dulls its rich charcoal blacks, but brings a promising glimpse of glitter to the faded gold facades.   [Audio clip: … Continue reading

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Sahara Sunset

Sunny Afternoon Tune If I write a post about an event I usually do so soon after the experience or at least jot down a couple of notes and ideas.  Unfortunately, this is isn’t the case for this post.  All … Continue reading

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A postcard from the Garden of Yves

Fascination St. [Shoe by Yves Saint Laurent / Gaultier S/S 2011] I was reminded of Majorelle Blue a few months ago when I was watching a documentary of Yves Saint Laurent’s life.   Majorelle Blue was trademarked by the French … Continue reading

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From Rabat to the Sahara

“A Horse With No Name” My first day of 2011 was spent in the Sahara.  Before I tell you about the destination,  I have to tell you about the journey itself and the differences between what I had expected to find … Continue reading

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Orange (& pink) Crush

A tune from Amelie Photo: Sheer El-Showk I’ve been going through this intense orange and pink phase and like anything you’ve developed a love affair with; your surroundings become a constant reminder. I’m not sure how the infatuation started but … Continue reading

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Judging a suitcase by its cover

I don’t care how sexy this piece of luggage looks to you.  I too was mesmerized by it’s sleek lines, pewter studs and its rich black leather straps.  I instantly imagined myself on a 1940s London train wearing a brilliantly … Continue reading

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Does this helmet come in an Aperol color?

One thing for certain Italy has in common with the US is essentially the best part of the day, happy hour.  That special part of the day when you can relax and reward yourself for the hard work you’ve accomplished … Continue reading

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The Master & his Phoenix

Do you remember that scallop dinner at Da Remos?  Well, I never finished the story of what happened afterwards.  Natalie had to attend a parents’ meeting at the kids’ school.  I had a couple of glasses of wine and because … Continue reading

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Boots, Lions & Owls

Verona may have the houses of Romeo and Juliet and a breathtaking ancient arena; however, if you get tired of watching fanny pack tourists rub Juliet’s right breast for good luck and giggle like idiots (it’s annoying and strangely fascinating) … Continue reading

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Italian Cuisine

My sister, Natalie, lives in a small town in Mestrino located 35 minutes outside of Vicenza.  My last day visiting she wanted to take me somewhere special so the two of us drove out to this amazing restaurant in the … Continue reading

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